Jordan is host to a number of natural therapeutic sites that attract many travellers seeking the health-giving properties they contain. Located at the lowest point on earth, at the northern edge of the Great Rift Valley, lies the salt-rich lake the Dead Sea. A place for relaxation and rejuvenation, its 30% salinity allows bathers to float on its surface with a meditative buoyancy and comfort. But the abundance of rich minerals such as bromide, sodium and magnesium make it a magnet for anyone with a range of skin conditions such as psoriasis. The popular area is lined with five-star resorts and spas offering an abundant selection of treatments. Another of Jordan’s natural wonders is the nearby Ma’in Hot Springs, home to a selection of mineral-rich thermal waterfalls whose shower-warm waters provide an instant message. The caves in the hills also serve as excellent saunas. For more clinical treatments, Jordan is also a leader on the medical tourism field, with many global-standard medical facilities. EAST TRAVELERS assists travellers seeking a wellness retreat, as well as patients that require more specialised services and care. EAST TRAVELERS is well equipped with knowledge of specialised facilities, hospitals, clinics and training centres to better suit patient needs and requirements.