Jordan has long understood the potential of its many nature reserves, all of which are protected by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN). As a result, ecotourism has started to flourish in Jordan, with a host of environmentally friendly and sustainable lodges and tours catering to visitors who wish to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible while engaging with the local community. The multi-award-winning Feynan Lodge is perhaps the foremost of these. Located in a rocky enclave in the south of the country, it operates completely off-grid and hosts tours of the surrounding area, including hikes up to the wondrous Dana Reserve – over which another lodge, this one run by the RSCN itself, offers the best views of any hotel in Jordan. In the north, Ajloun’s protected area is an oasis of cooling green trees and rolling hills, with experiential tours offering visitors a glimpse of ancient olive groves and local sustainability projects such as a natural soap factory. In Azraq, a former British hospital has been converted into a lodge a short drive from the wetlands, which is an important stopping off point between Europe and Africa for migrating birds.